Lecco is a product designed to facilitate reading in certain circumstances but especially for those times when reading becomes uncomfortable.

Functional: support for reading in different uses in which not  having to hold the book means additional comfort.

Ergonomic: especially suitable for people suffering from neck, back, as well as elderly people and / or with mobility, cervical, etc. problems.

Design, innovation and adaptability to facilitate the reading of any type of book in any situation.



Max. weight of the books is 2.5-2.8kg / aprx. (with the arm extended to the maximum)

The minimum height of the books is  17cm and the maximum  is 29.5cm (A4 din)

The maximum height of the Lecco elegant is 1,120mm.

The minimum reading height is: 740mm.


iLecco is the first fully articulated   and adjustable stand for iPads to enjoy your iPad anywhere, anytime.

Patented head to allow rotation and swinging, and always with total safety thanks to its exclusive 4-point fixing system.

In addition, you have accessories to adapt it to the place you need